Valpolicella, Verona
45°33'24"12 N 10°54'58"32 E
My dream, our passion, your wine
The soft light reflected by the vineyards, the scent of damp earth full of life, heavy and lush grapes that seem to want to communicate. I'm surrounded by the preciousness of these items ...
Now I close my eyes and breathe deeply while my heart fills with joy, the same joy I poor in glasses of friends and family today together with my son and daughter.

As a kid I used to turn houses into castles, trees and plants into kings and queens, vineyards in armies and everything around me came to life creating amazing stories made of love, strength and victories.

Growing up, I continued to see and live my land as a stage for short stories, and when hard work, care and attention to detail began to show the first results, my enthusiasm was overwhelming: I was able to turn the poetry that I was living internally into Wine.

I was happy and satisfied, I had the opportunity to share my passion and my work with the ones I loved, my family and my children - the first and most severe customers.
There was something missing though ...

The castles that I imagined as a child never had closed doors, they were not fortified, and in my stories there wasn't a lot of fighting. The villages were peaceful and friendly, transmitted quietude and welcomed strangers seeking shelter.
I wanted to be exactly like that, I felt the need to open the doors to the world, I thought that the love of wine had to be shared and I dreamed of being able to have people enjoy a bit 'of my story, my passion and the love for our land thanks to our wines.

Today – thanks to my children – I can.

Ca' dei Ronchi.